A Definition of the Practice of Architecture - Jack Smith, FAIA, 2004

The professional practice of architecture is the process of the delivery of professional services to construct and see to
completion a building or group of buildings for a client and society as a whole. These buildings to be Architecture must
transcend mere construction. They must house the human spirit as well as the human body. They must be safe and
healthy places to be in and fulfill their specified functions. These buildings must endure the test of time since
buildings can and do last for decades and in some cases centuries. There is a moral obligation beyond the
first use and the first client. To achieve success in this endeavor, buildings must be sustainable for
the first and for successive generations of users.  Buildings must belong to their site and enhance
that sense of place. Great architecture creates in us a memorable experience or a
memory per se that lifts us into realms of happiness and fulfillment.